Values and missions

Our signature precept, “let's make all together a better world and wine” encapsulates the ethos and spirit of the relationships we aim to nurture with our employees and all our stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of our company and contribute to a better world for future generations. It’s our reminder that behind every glass of wine are winegrowers and everything that makes a region what it is, along with genuine choices for society.


In 2021, we become the first French family wine-growing company 'société à mission', a French legal framework in which businesses pursue a set social and environmental purpose with specific sustainability goals. Our purpose is this: we create the 'everyday grand cru' and we shape our landscapes as much with those who see our vines as with those who share our wines.


We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our wines offer as many memorable moments of pleasure and sharing as opportunities to actively contribute to the social and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. May our employees, our neighbours, our visitors, our suppliers, our partners and wine lovers be the proud actors and relays of our practices, our commitments and our responses to societal expectations. Our mission is to bring the Quality/Price ratio of our offer towards a Qualities/Price ratio and to promote the good, the right, the beautiful in co-construction with our stakeholders.


Our voluntary pledge to social responsibility hinges on our corporate values, which are the cornerstones of our commitments to our stakeholders:

High standards

In order to limit the environmental and societal impact of our activity, our responsibility falls primarily within a voluntary and demanding approach. To achieve this, a determined governance and a spirit of progress represent the foundations of our commitments and the first guarantees of success.


The respect of an employer towards his employees, of an entrepreneur towards his customers and that of a wine producer concerned with reducing his environmental footprint. This commitment is reflected in actions of dialogue with staff, promotion, listening to customers and rational management of natural resources.


“To offer the grand cru every day”, here is a promise that is both ambitious and engaging! This requires an even higher level of responsibility as our wine-growing activity leads us to reduce its impact on a lasting basis. Preserving our terroir, seeking the best for our employees, our territory, our partners and our customers and making healthy and quality wine accessible are indeed a permanent challenge.

Enjoyment and sharing

We are deeply attached to pleasure and sharing, founding values intimately linked to our family activity and to the management of our passionate oenologist manager. More than sharing around wine, it is a permanent quest for exchange and "better living together". A real state of mind in favor of a resolutely hedonistic and united commitment.