BLB Vignobles becomes Maison Le Breton

Tasting quality : to make the pleasure of responsible tasting accessible to all
Social quality : to prioritize the quality of life and people in all of our practices
Environmental quality : to have a positive impact on climate issues and to promote the development of biodiversity
Emotional quality : to shape and to share our landscape and the living, to offer an experience where the essential is lived and seen

BLB Vignobles certified B Corp and becomes Maison Le Breton

B Corp certification means that we have met B Lab's high standards for social and environmental impact, that we have written down this commitment in our company status, and that we meet the expectations of our stakeholders by transparently disclosing our performance report accessible on our B Corp profile.

Maison Le Breton achieved for its first B Corp evaluation 100.1 points, distributed as follows:

  • Governance: 17.3 points
  • Employees: 22.1 points
  • Community: 18.5 points
  • Environment: 37.3 points
  • Customers: 4.7 points

Discover our 'everyday Grands Crus'

La Jasse wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, a grape that expresses itself perfectly well on our stony land surrounded by scrubland. It offers very structured wines, with a significant tannic content, which are particularly interesting to work with and to age.


For round and distinguished tannins, Montlobre wines are appreciated among friends in wine clubs. Merlot is king here, which makes "wine with the little girl" a must for lovers of powerful and fruity wines.


Vignes des Deux Soleils wines stem from a friendship between two winemakers and offer a journey across the Pays d'Oc region where each label reflects the historic vineyard sites set amidst the Mediterranean garrigue.