The Right, social quality

The Right, social quality

The Social Good. Bruno Le Breton is convinced of this: the major positive impact as a B Corporation is social. The winery focuses on the importance for employees to understand their role in the company beyond their job, but also their involvement in its projects. Maison Le Breton thus measures the impact of Social Good by using the 6 principles of Quality and Working Conditions. Transformed into 6 operational objectives, these principles make it possible to demonstrate how employees are considered in each aspect of their work, and how they contribute to Maison Le Breton's mission.

The 6 principles of quality of life at work

- Promote positive working relationships and social climate
- Optimize the content of the work (autonomy, means, clarity, distribution)
- Protect health at work
- Encourage the development of career paths and professional skills
- Guarantee professional equality for all
- Facilitate participative management and commitment
- 92% of Maison Le Breton employees are satisfied with the social dialogue established in the company. The creation of a CSE when the house was not legally obliged to do so helps to develop a positive social climate
- 85% of employees are satisfied with the atmosphere and the quality of working relations, reflected in a dynamic of mutual aid and privileged moments of conviviality on a daily basis
- 85% of employees are satisfied with the consistency of tasks/assignment objectives: the position occupied is understood, its interest, its usefulness and the variety of tasks entrusted are clear
- 54% of employees consider the protection of health and positive morale. The establishment of a safety referent and various visits will make it possible to individually encourage each employee to understand safety in their position.
- 100% of our new arrivals (permanent and occasional) follow the integration process. From the booklet to the half-day welcome, the pilots of the different Maison Le Breton processes each have a privileged moment with all the new recruits
- 85% of Maison Le Breton employees feel professional equality for all, through fairness and respect, which is reflected in a strong social policy and an ethical charter in particular
- The profit-sharing agreement, defined by all employees on the indicators of our mission, is achieved at 67%
To improve, to go further:
- Work on value sharing
- Work on a "live my life" experience

Beyond our mission...

- The team has a shared vegetable garden where the more adventurous can experiment with permaculture
- The Culture Code is accessible to all recruits. There is available: collective agreements, house policies by process, technical sheets and preferential prices for wines, wine tourism activities to be carried out with family and friends...