The Good, taste quality

The Good, taste quality

Good. One thing is certain, it is subjective and specific to each person. As a wine creator, Maison Le Breton's first ambition is to make one that is appreciated first for its taste quality, and then for all that it provides. Moments of sharing with family and friends, discoveries of aromas and flavors, encounters rich in history and exchanges... Aware and convinced that tasting is a moment of sharing that is lived in full awareness, Maison Le Breton is committed to implement everything to make the pleasure of responsible tasting accessible to all. Maison Le Breton is responding to its ambition by setting itself two operational objectives: guaranteeing its promise of tasting comfort and encouraging a responsible consumption.

Guaranty the promise of tasting comfort

- The doses of sulphites in our wines do not exceed those of the European Regulation for Organic Agriculture and are on average 67.7 mg/L for the reds, 100.7 mg/L for the whites and 84.4 mg/ L for rosés
- 53% of the volume of our wines is awarded Gold or Silver medals at international competitions: Vinalies, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Best Chardonnay in the World...
- Our wines are all above the Vivino average: 3.9 stars on average for La Jasse wines, 3.9 for Montlobre and 3.7 for Vignes Des Deux Soleils
- A tasting committee meets 3 times a year to follow a protocol defined by the oenologists of the house. They participate in particular in positioning the wines of Maison Le Breton on its market and in evaluating them exclusively for their taste quality.
To improve, to go further
- Develop the Wine Tæsteurs committee which allows wine lovers from all over France to contribute to our quality approach, such as the internal Tasting Committee

Encourage responsible consumption

- 83% of our wines are certified HVE, Terra Vitis or Vignerons Engagés: the environmental standards of Maison Le Breton. This requirement allows consumers of our wines to affirm a choice that makes sense for them, and the nature that surrounds them.
- The constancy of the offer and the message of responsibility of the house give it a loyalty rate of 80% among its professional customers (France and export), and 58% among its private customers (France)
To improve, to go further
- Work on positive communication on the benchmarks of responsible consumption and the Mediterranean diet
- Work on the Planet Score