The Beautiful, emotional quality

The Beautiful, emotional quality

The beautiful. Like the Good, the Beautiful is unique to everyone. At Maison Le Breton, it translates into the offer of a unique experience where the essential is lived and seen. Because the house knows that wine lovers are not the only ones to take advantage of its paths between vineyards and scrubland, and that the inclusion of all living beings in forming the richness of its heritage is indeed the key to the whole beauty it has to offer. Maison Le Breton's Beau promise is broken down into 2 operational indicators based on the accessibility of its heritage first, and then its natural balance.

Make our domains accessible in good conditions

- A mini internal committee made up of owners and random collaborators is responsible 3 times a year for checking the state of cleanliness of the domain's reception according to several criteria: presence of organic/non-organic waste, height hedges etc... Objective of 4 stars exceeded because the average of the 3 checks reached 5 stars!
- 30% of the paths of the Domaine de la Jasse are accessible by signposted and audio-guided route
- 19% of the flora present on the Domaine de la Jasse is visible and referenced on the signposted path 'Entre Vignes & Garrigues'
To improve, go further:
- Work on the accessibility of the estate through signage and tools allowing visitors to visit and understand our winery independently

Maintain a balance between vineyard and estate

- 86.04% of the total exploitation is made up of natural elements: forest, scrubland, moors
- 113%: this is the proportion of vineyards/permanent meadows. For 1 Ha of vines, there is therefore more than 1 Ha of meadow, ensuring a balance for biodiversity