Purpose and mission

An impact business model

Maison Le Breton is a French 'société à mission' since October 2021, after including its purpose and mission in its status. Much more than a new strategic prism, it is the whole posture that has changed course. In addition to the concern for continuous improvement, there is the need for economic development that preserves the ecological and social capital of the company. The transition places at the heart of our strategic thinking the sharing of value, whether it is social, environmental or economic, as well as the sharing of power, with all our stakeholders.

Our purpose

We create the 'everyday Grand Cru' and we shape our landscapes as much with those who see our vines as with those who share our wines

Our mission

We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our wines offer as many memorable moments of pleasure and sharing as opportunities to actively contribute to the social and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.
That our employees, our neighbours, our visitors, our suppliers, our partners and wine lovers are the proud actors and relays of our practices, our commitments and our responses to societal expectations.
Our mission is to bring the quality/price ratio of our offer towards a qualities/price ratio and to promote the good, the right and the beautiful in co-construction with our stakeholders.

Maison Le Breton is B Corp certified

B Corp certification means that we have met B Lab's high standards for social and environmental impact, that we have written down this commitment in our company status, and that we meet the expectations of our stakeholders by transparently disclosing our performance report accessible on our B Corp profile.

Maison Le Breton achieved for its first B Corp evaluation 100.1 points, distributed as follows:

  • Governance: 17.3 points
  • Employees: 22.1 points
  • Community: 18.5 points
  • Environment: 37.3 points
  • Customers: 4.7 points