To reduce and enhance our impact on the living

To promote human resources

- 10% of the workforce is under 24 or over 50 years old

- 100% of female employees and managers identify themselves as women

- 5 employees are first aider at work trained

- Quarterly information via stakeholder committee newsletter

- Daily information via company WhatsApp group

- Integration of new recruits, seasonal or fixed-term with a welcome booklet and discovery of the culture code

- The gap between the highest and lowest compensation is 1-5x

- 2 executive employees are trained in cross-functional skills and personal development as part of Germe training and all pilots are trained in the challenges of today's management, in knowing themselves and others

- Employees have access to the training of their choice, whether related to the job/work station or not

- 100% of employees receive a bonus

- The profit-sharing agreement is supplemented by a 13th month of salary compensation

- +15% of employees obtained an internal promotion

- 50% of seasonal workers are rehired despite their student constraints

- Part-time and flexible working hours at the request of all employees

- Telework possible and established at least once a week

Morgane Le Breton, chairman of OcciGerme Montpellier
The seasonal team
arrowTo improve, go further

- Establish a "live my life" challenge to raise awareness on the challenges and skills of each position

- Establish a program to prevent ergonomic or postural injuries in the workplace

- Make a risk assessment of individual workstations to complete the Single Document

- Establish a specific training program for all new permanent hires

 Social Barometer 2021

  • 100% are satisfied with the election employee representatives (60% in 2020)
  • 100% of employees believe they have sufficient capacities and skills (80% in 2020)
  • 100% appreciate the consideration given to social well-being (80% in 2020)
  • 67% believe that their value is recognized (90% in 2020)
  • 100% are optimistic about the future of the group (80% in 2020)
  • 75% consider they are informed of the company's direction and projects (90% in 2020)

To preserve and to enhance our plant heritage

- Measurement of our phytosanitary impact with the Dephyto solution
- Follow-up of the 7 ENI protocols (Unintentional Effects on Biodiversity) with the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture: birds, flora, earthworms and beetles
- Monitoring of the 7 protocols of the OAB (Agricultural Observatory of Biodiversity) with SupAgro: bees, invertebrates, butterflies and earthworms
- Animation of the agroforestry committee to define the methodology for shaping the landscape between vineyards and scrubland. The committee is made up of our Head of Culture, the plant manager, the owners of the estate, a village herbalist, the head of the village nature club and an expert in permeculture
- Various ongoing research partnerships such as with Flore En Thym on the planting of thyme at the foot of the vines
- Planting of 525 trees with Pur Projet including 80 almond trees and an agroforestry plot
Agroforestry Committee

To limit our impact and to contribute positively

- Limit our impact on the soil by perpetuating our HVE and Terra Vitis commitments, by selecting the appropriate measurement tools (Vintel, Dephyto)
- Optimize our waste management
- 1000 m² of photovoltaic panels generate the equivalent of 90% of our electricity consumption
- Urine irrigation tests with Ecosec
- Control of our irrigation with the connected solution of ITK
- Fields for spreading water from the cellar in favor of the development of a unique wet ecosystem on the estate
- Registration of the vineyard in a sustainable and continuous improvement approach by being a confined panel sprayer test site with the IFV followed by the purchase of the tested machine
- Follow-up of CICOVI's adjusted vineyard management program: 0 CMR, reduction of phytos, promotion of organic products when less impacting
- Practices in favor of reducing our water consumption: change of method and machine during the harvest and rationalization of water in the vineyard, in the cellar and during bottling
- Recovery and treatment of all effluents
We have a
recycling or recovery
program for:
verre et metal.png
Glass, metal
cartouches encre.png
Ink cartridge


Urine irrigation test with Ecosec, 2019
Clover grassing test, 2020
Sprayer with recuperative panels
arrowTo improve, go further
- Measurement of our carbon capture by improving soil life 4/1000
- Measure the impact of the water reserve by the hill reservoir
- Measure the impact on biodiversity of grass plantings and sowing
- Set PSE objectives over 5 years (Payments for Environmental Services)
- Construction of a new building taking into account the challenges of eco-construction