Montlobre wines

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"The wine with the little girl": Montlobre wines' little girl refers to Domaine Montlobre story.
Many years ago, Domaine Montlobre was known as the Colonie de Montlobre, welcoming boys aged 7 to 20 and offering them peace, hard work and happiness. The present-day facilities house the estate's barrel cellar in their majestic old chapel.
You will appreciate the red wines of Montlobre for their roundness and their distinguished tannins. The Merlot is the signature, and offers a creamy, full side, with silky tannins. 

The wines of Montlobre are truly at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, whose Languedoc heart only accentuates the uniqueness of this Merlot that we love so much. The Montlobre housewine, La Chapelle, can be shared between friends and family, and marks every special occasion of our lives.