La Jasse wines

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Bruno Le Breton, the winemaker of la Jasse wines, has had the main objective of achieving optimal extraction on healthy, ripe fruit to create real 'everyday grands crus' for more than 25 years. Faithful to this philosophy, he pays particular attention to remaining faithful to the land and to the Languedoc climate, to favor an integrated culture that respects the environment, to wait patiently for the optimal maturity of the grapes, and to promote synergies between the vine and the biodiversity.
Yes, la Jasse tree is real. It refers to the beautiful plane tree located at Maison Le Breton headquarters: Domaine de la Jasse. It is estimated to be over 100 years old. 
Its presence on each of la Jasse's bottle has allowed our wines to be called 'the wine with the tree'.
The red wines of la Jasse are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, a grape variety that expresses itself perfectly well on our stony land surrounded by scrubland. It offers very structured wines, with a significant tannic load, which are particularly interesting to work with and to age.
The emblematic cuvée of the "Vieilles Vignes de la Jasse" has been passed down from generation to generation today, it is the common thread with our customers and now with their children.