To structure our family winery so that it is resilient

To guaranty the quality of our promise in response to the expectations of our customers

- 97% of product compliance
- 1 annual meeting with our foreign customers
- Product marketing committee composed of the two wine makers, the dry matter purchasing manager, the sales assistant and the marketing manager
- Tasting committee made up of 20 individual French members: long-time customers, ambassadors and super ambassadors
- Carrier security protocol
- Just-in-time production to avoid waste for us and our customers
- Animation of the Quality Management System (QMS) by an external expert
- Follow-up of the quarterly Strategic Dashboard by steering committee

- Accredited green building program

- Implementation of a traceability solution in the cellar and in logistics

- Remove the caps from our bottles

- Remove the gilding from our labels

Tasting committee, 2021
Team seminar, 2021
Bottling, BNC

To be able to meet the demand of our markets in terms of quality and quantity, at the right price

- Flexibility of our dual identity as producer-merchant winemaker which allows us to adapt our volumes according to the vagaries of our production and customer demand

> 60% of wines from trading partnerships are reserved before Christmas

> 100% of wines from trading partnerships are paid for and collected before May

> 100% of wines from trade partnerships are subject to chemical analysis and pesticide residues

- 50 Hl/Ha: yield target for our production

- 2 external consultants taste and participate in the blending of our cuvées

- 3.9 average Vivino rating for all of our cuvées

- The average duration of relations with our suppliers is over 60 months, some are among the first partners of the company

- Survey conducted with our strategic suppliers (dry and bulk materials) to inform them of our CSR approach

- 89% of our suppliers meet 100% of our expectations and requirements

- At least 3 strategic suppliers per business unit are visited each year

Regular tastings with our consultants
Vine growers partners visit, 2019
DIAM visit, 2019